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Bacti-Cinerator® IV

Needles and loops may be sterilized without dangerous splattering of micro-organisms from air currents. Infrared heat completely sterilizes in 5-7 seconds. Opening of Bacti-Cinerator is flared outward into a funnel for culture tube mouth sterilization. Fire hazards are eliminated. Ceramic funnel tubing is inert at high temperatures, allows rapid transfer of heat, highly resistant to alkaline. Optimum sterilizing temperature (1500°F) is reached within 6 minutes. Perforated, stainless steel guard rapidly dissipates heat. Cast aluminum stand holds 6 inoculating loop handles. For operation on 115 VAC, 60 Hz. Warranty: 6 months. CSA Approved.

Manufacturer: Leica Microsystems (Canada) In

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