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A > Ampules > Show All
Kimble Ampules Name: Ampules, Kimble
ID: 100-500.0
Manufacturer: Kimble
B > Beakers > Glass > Show All
Kimble Chase Valueware Glassware Name: ValueWare, Glassware
ID: 126-000.5
Manufacturer: Kimble
ValueWare Beakers, Tall Form, Berzelius Name: Beakers, Tall Form, ValueWare
ID: 126-500.0
Manufacturer: Kimble
ValueWare Beakers, Low Form, Griffin Name: Beakers, Low Form, Griffin, ValueWare
ID: 127-212.0
Manufacturer: Kimble
ValueWare Beakers, Low Form, Heavy-Duty Name: Beakers, Low Form, Heavy-Duty, ValueWare
ID: 127-255.0
Manufacturer: Kimble
B > Bottles > Serum > Show All
Serum Bottle Name: Bottles, Serum, Clear Glass
ID: 185-220.0
Manufacturer: Kimble
B > Bottles > Specific Gravity > Show All
Hubbard-Carmick Specific Gravity Bottle Name: Bottles, Hubbard-Carmick Specific Gravity
ID: 205-400.1
Manufacturer: Kimble
B > Bottles > Weighing > Show All
Weighing Bottle Name: Bottles, Weighing, Short, Stopper Top
ID: 122-700.0
Manufacturer: Kimble
Low Form Weighing Bottle Name: Bottles, Weighing, Low Form
ID: 122-800.0
Manufacturer: Kimble
Weighing Bottle Name: Bottles, Weighing, Tall, Cap Style Stopper
ID: 208-400.0
Manufacturer: Kimble
B > Burets > Automatic with Bottle > Show All
Automatic Burets, Class A, Certified Name: Buret, Automatic, Class A, Certified
ID: 230-300.0
Manufacturer: Kimble
B > Burets > Glass & Plastic > Show All
Schellbach Burets, Class B Name: Buret, Schellbach, Teflon Stopcock, Class B
ID: 224-200.0
Manufacturer: Kimble
Serialized and Certified Buret, Class A Name: Buret, Class A, Certified and Serialized
ID: 224-500.0
Manufacturer: Kimble
Economy Buret with Teflon Stopcock Name: Buret, Glass with Teflon Stopcock
ID: 226-400.1
Manufacturer: Kimble
ValueWare Burets with Straight Bore PTFE Stopcock, Class B Name: Buret, ValueWare, Straight Stopcock, Class B
ID: 226-450.0
Manufacturer: Kimble
ValueWare Straight Bore Glass Stopcock Buret Name: Buret, ValueWare, Straight Glass Stopcock
ID: 226-500.1
Manufacturer: Kimble
ValueWare Burets, Straight Bore PTFE Stopcock Name: Buret, ValueWare, Straight PTFE Stopcock
ID: 226-560.0
Manufacturer: Kimble
Burets with Three-Way Stopcock, Certified, Serialized Name: Buret, 3-Way, PTFE Stopcock, Class A, Serialized, Certified
ID: 227-600.3
Manufacturer: Kimble
Automatic Zero Schellbach Burets Name: Buret, Auto Zero Shellbach with Teflon Stopcock
ID: 229-050.0
Manufacturer: Kimble
Automatic Zero Buret Name: Buret, Auto Zero, 3-Way
ID: 229-100.0
Manufacturer: Kimble
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