Haier Liquid Nitrogen Storage System

Premium heat transfer efficiency and narrow neck design extends the storage time, providing long-term storage and reduce the evaporation loss of liquid nitrogen. All liquid nitrogen containers for optimal long-term storage have narrow necks for excellent thermal effects.


  • High-strength, lightweight and small-size aluminum construction
  • Ultra-low evaporation loss
  • Numbered index for canister position
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Heavy duty lockable enclosure offers excellent security
  • Opening diameter: 50mm
  • Includes protective jacket
  • 5-year vacuum warranty

Manufacturer : Haier Biomedical

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Cat.#Volume of LN2 (L)Static Evaporation (L/Day)Height (mm)Outside Diameter (mm)Mfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
746-900-0230.1435224YDS-3$392.51 EA  
Ships in about 2 days
746-900-0460.1482300YDS-6$452.89 EA  
Ships in about 2 days
746-900-06100.1552300YDS-10$513.28 EA  
Ships in about 2 days
746-900-08150.1591394YDS-15$694.43 EA  
Ships in about 2 days
746-900-10200.1672394YDS-20$754.82 EA  
Ships in about 2 days
746-900-12300.11705461YDS-30$875.59 EA  
Ships in about 2 days
746-900-14350.11749461YDS-35$935.98 EA  
Ships in about 2 days

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