BEING BMS Series Hot Plate Stirrers

Performance and Features

  • Microprocessor PID control
  • Automatic Calibration Function
  • Durable and accurate brushless DC motors
  • Wide speed range even with heavy workloads
  • Ceramic cover provides high thermal efficiency
  • Speed range: 200~2000 rpm


  • Large LCD display screen and interface provides for user-friendly operation
  • Maintenance-free operation with easy to clean surface
  • Easy to set adjustable timer (1 minute to 5,999 minutes)


  • Built-in power interruption protection function, automatic run after power interruption
  • Smooth Start/Shutdown System prevents spillage of stirring samples no matter what the speed setting
  • Temperature deviation alarm
  • Anti-scalding warning light.

2-year warranty

Manufacturer : BEING Instruments Inc.

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Cat.#ModelPower SupplyStirring CapacityTemp Range (Liquid)Temp Range (Working Plate)Temp AccuracyPlate Dimensions (in.)Exterior Dimensions (WxHxD in.)Heating Power (Max, W)Net Weight (kg)Mfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
565-500-02BMS-07A3120v/60Hz3LAmbient ±5°C~200°CN/A±5°C5.1x5.15.9×4.3×9.83504BMA150703U$1,036.20 EA  
Ships within one week
565-500-06BMS-09A5120v/60Hz5LAmbient ±5°C~200°CN/A±5°C7.1x7.18.3×5.1×13.05505BMA150905U$1,386.13 EA  
Ships within one week
565-500-10BMS-09A12120v/60Hz12LAmbient ±5°C~200°CN/A±5°C7.1x7.18.3×5.1×13.06505BMA150912U$1,604.93 EA  
Ships within one week
565-501-02BMS-07B3120v/60Hz3LN/AAmbient ±5°C~320°C±15°C5.1x5.15.9×4.3×9.83503.5BMB150703U$902.77 EA  
Ships within one week
565-501-06BMS-09B5120v/60Hz5LN/AAmbient ±5°C~320°C±15°C7.1x7.18.3×5.1×13.05504.5BMB150905U$1,283.15 EA  
Ships within one week


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Square Hot Plate Stirrer
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