HandyStep S Repeating Pipettors

  • Comfort and ease-of-use
  • Motorized drive for extremely low force operation.
  • Hold in an upright, relaxed hand.
  • Actuate with only a subtle squeeze of the index finger.
  • Equally comfortable for right and left-handed users.
    Broad tip compatibility
  • Accepts all standard syringe tips resulting in economy over the life of the pipette. This voids stocking and tracking different tips for manual and electronic repeating pipettes.
  • You can pipette virtually any volume from 1 µl to 50 ml, including non-standard volumes such as 9.2 µl, 25 µl, 260 µl or 1250 µl.
  • Automatically recognizes the size of BRAND PD-Tip syringe tips (707-350.0 series) upon insertion.
  • Simple Operation

The HandyStep electronic features three operational modes: Pipette, dispense, and an auto-dispense mode in which the pipette “learns” the user’s dispensing rhythm, and maintains it as long as the control button is pressed. Comes complete with charging stand. Big, clear LCD screen indicates:

  • Volume per step
  • Steps remaining
  • Battery charge status
  • Dispensing mode
  • Dispensing speed


Looking for something a little different? Click here to take a look at the HandyStep Touch. The HandyStep Touch is the closest replacement to the HandyStep Repeating Pipettors.

Manufacturer : Brandtech Scientific, Inc.

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707-510-02Manual Repeating Pipettor705110$703.52 EA  
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707-520-04Replacement Battery705025$167.32 EA  
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