Quintix Analytical Balances

Designed for the general laboratory that requires medium security with the advanced weighing technology, features and benefits of a high end balance, without the expense or complicated interface. It provides maximum accuracy with isoCAL fully automatic internal calibration and balance adjustment, and ""plug and work"" connectivity to a GLP compliant printer or a computer. Quintix sets new standards for laboratory balances in every aspect for smart and efficient weighing. It improves workflow with its touch-screen and scroll technology. These unique features enable users to easily navigate through all balance operations without a manual. Clearly visible icons providing easy-to-follow balance operations as well as displayed results give users immediate feedback and confidence.

• Applications include checkweighing, density, weighing, conversion, peak hold, unstable conditions, percentage, counting and below-balance weighing.
• Can also do mixing (enables you to weigh in various components of a formula with 100% traceability), components (lets you weigh components of a formula into separate containers and retrieve the total amount weighed-in at any time), and statistics (tells you the standard deviation and other statistics on an entire group of different samples).
• Icons and plain-text prompts on the large touch-screen show you everything you need for the procedure.
• Weigh cells are mounted on a solid, special aluminum alloy base plate, which is extremely impervious to temperature fluctuations and vibration.
• Draft shield chamber doors glide open smoothly for fatigue-free weighing. Interior chamber features a spill-proof design that is easy to clean. All panes can be individually cleaned or exchanged.
• Equipped with isoCAL fully automatic internal calibration that ensures consistently accurate results. Each time isoCAL is performed, the Cal Audit Trail function records all data on this procedure so it can be traced for quality assurance.
• Connect the USB port to a computer, open the Microsoft Office program you need, and Quintix delivers data in your choice of format, enabling effortless and accurate spreadsheet calculations. No additional software needed.
• Excels in compliance with NIOSH workplace safety - even if you are wearing several pairs of gloves, you can still correctly use all the functions of the balance.
• All models can be obtained with an EC-type approval certificate for use in legal metrology; NTEP approval for selected balance models.
• Programmable interval for data output. SBI and XBPI transmission protocols.
• Supervisor lock for protection against unintentional changes.
• In-use cover provides added protection against dirt and scratches.
• Anti-theft device: Kensington lock and lug for attaching a chain or a cable.
• Height of the weighing chamber: 209mm.
• Dimensions (D x W x H): 14.1 x 8.5 x 12.6”.
• Net weight: 4.9kg.
• Power: 120V. CSA approved.
• Warranty: 2 years.

Manufacturer : Sartorius

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Cat.#ReadabilityCapacityPan SizeResponse TimeLinearityMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
111-084-010.1mg60g3.5"2s0.2mgQUINTIX64-1S$4,326.00 EA  
Ordered upon request
111-084-020.1mg220g3.5”2s0.2mgQUINTIX224-1S$5,454.75 EA  
Ordered upon request
111-084-040.1mg120g3.5”2s0.2mgQUINTIX124-1S$4,809.00 EA  
Ordered upon request
111-084-051mg610g4.7"1s2mgQUINTIX613-1S$4,247.25 EA  
Ordered upon request
111-084-061mg510g4.7”1s2mgQUINTIX513-1S$4,042.50 EA  
Ordered upon request
111-084-081mg310g4.7”1s2mgQUINTIX313-1S$2,992.50 EA  
Ordered upon request
111-084-101mg210g4.7”1s2mgQUINTIX213-1S$2,787.75 EA  
Ordered upon request
111-086-020.1mg120g80mm2s0.2mgQUINTIX125D-1S$7,796.25 EA  
Ordered upon request
111-086-040.01mg60g80mm6s0.1mgQUINTIX65-1S$7,486.50 EA  
Ordered upon request
111-086-060.01mg30g80mm6s0.1mgQUINTIX35-1S$7,155.75 EA  
Ordered upon request

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