Genevac was founded in 1990 and is now a subsidiary of SP Scientific, a leading manufacturer of specialty equipment for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial, academic, and OEM applications. In 1990, the small family owned business specialised in the manufacturing of corrosion-proof vacuum pumps and centrifugal evaporation equipment for the life science research laboratory. Centrifugal evaporation involves the use of lowered pressure to reduce the boiling points of solvents thereby accelerating their evaporation. Samples are placed in a rotor and spun during the drying process to prevent violent solvent boiling (known as "bumping").

Genevac's high performance centrifugal solvent evaporator systems are designed for use in chemistry, biology and analytical science applications and are in use in laboratories worldwide. Their centrifugal evaporator product range starts with the EZ-2 Series of personal centrifugal evaporators, which are specifically designed for solvent removal in life science research. The miVac sample concentrator range is designed for molecular biology, providing very high performance coupled with ease of use and occupying the minimum of laboratory space. The Rocket™ Solvent Evaporator is a very fast evaporation system specifically designed to rapidly evaporate up to 6 flasks of up to 450ml.

There are many applications for Genevac evaporators and miVac concentrators. Common applications include clinical & diagnostic testing, DNA & oligonucleotides, environmental analysis, food & beverage, metabolism & toxicology studies, natural products research, parallel chemistry, proteins & peptides, post purification sample handling, and oils, fuels and fats.

In conjunction with the emergence of new technologies to speed up drug discovery and development in the pharmaceutical industry, the company focussed on developing a new class of laboratory evaporation equipment specifically designed for combinatorial chemistry and its related applications. Combinatorial techniques demand high throughput, high performance laboratory synthesis, solvent evaporation and purification equipment capable of operating in a production environment. Genevac became the first manufacturer to build solvent evaporation systems for combinatorial chemistry. Genevac currently manufactures a range of standard systems from the compact benchtop EZ-2 systems to ultra-high throughput Mega production scale systems.

The success of the combinatorial chemistry systems launched in 1995 gave rise to accelerated company growth. The systems are currently used in most major pharmaceutical research laboratories worldwide.

Genevac endeavours to provide the highest quality products, service and support. This is achieved through a unique range of innovative, high performance products and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Genevac is an ISO9001 2008 certified company.

Manufacturer : Genevac Ltd

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