Sartorius Vivaspin Turbo 4 Centrifugal Concentrators

  • Fast concentrations and high flow rates are achieved due to the twin vertical membranes which minimize protein polarization and subsequent fouling of the membrane. Additionally, the sleek internal profile ensures maximum process speeds right down to the last 100µl.
  • Offers the optimal solution to any concentration or buffer exchange application with its broad range of MWCO's.
  • Centrifugation provides the vector to clear solvent and micro molecules through an ultrafiltration membrane to separate macromolecular species and solvents primarily on the basis of size. It is particularly appropriate for the concentration of macromolecules and can also be used to purify molecular species or for solvent exchange. Ultrafiltration is a non-denaturing method that is more efficient, flexible and gentle than alternative processes.
  • Concentrator capacity: 4ml.
  • High performance: In a single spin, 4ml solutions can be concentrated up to 150x. Samples can be typically concentrated in 10-30 minutes with macromolecular recoveries in excess of 95%.
  • Maximum speed 3 kDa — 50 kDa: (swing bucket rotor) 4000 x g; (fixed angle) 7500 x g.
  • Maximum speed 100 kDa: (swing bucket rotor) 3000 x g; (fixed angle) 5000 x g.
  • Sleek internal design ensures maximum process speed for the complete filtration. The UV joining technology allows for a smooth joint transition between membrane and plastic housing.
  • Unique angular dead stop pocket is easy to access with standard 200µl pipette tips. It eliminates the risk of the sample running dry while allowing highest recovery of the concentrate.
  • High chemical compatibility: The combination of Polyethersulfone (PES), polystyrene and polypropylene (PP) allows sterilization and depyrogenization. Polyethersulfone membranes are preferred for their low fouling characteristics, exceptional flux and broad pH range compatibility.
  • Material: (body) styrene butadiene copolymere; (filtrate vessel) polypropylene; (concentrator cap) polypropylene; (membrane) polyethersulfone (PES).
  • Sterilization: Ethylene oxide or 70% ethanol.
  • Dimensions (Total length concentrator insert) 75.5mm; (total length in tube with cap) 122.5mm; (diameter concentrator insert) 14.6mm; (active membrane area) 3.2cm2; (hold up volume of membrane) <10µl; (dead stop volume in swing out) 40µl; (dead stop volume in fixed angle) 30µl.

Manufacturer : Sartorius Corp

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Cat.#Cut off, MWCOMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
316-570-023000VS04T91$247.80 PK / 25  
Ordered upon request
316-570-043000VS04T92$871.50 PK / 100  
Ordered upon request
316-570-065000VS04T11$247.80 PK / 25  
Ordered upon request
316-570-085000VS04T12$871.50 PK / 100  
Ordered upon request
316-570-1010000VS04T01$247.80 PK / 25  
Ordered upon request
316-570-1210000VS04T02$871.50 PK / 100  
Ordered upon request
316-570-1430000VS04T21$247.80 PK / 25  
Ordered upon request
316-570-1630000VS04T22$871.50 PK / 100  
Ordered upon request
316-570-1850000VS04T31$247.80 PK / 25  
Ordered upon request
316-570-2050000VS04T32$871.50 PK / 100  
Ordered upon request
316-570-22100000VS04T41$247.80 PK / 25  
Ordered upon request
316-570-24100000VS04T42$871.50 PK / 100  
Ordered upon request

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