mLINE Single Channel Variable Volume Mechanical Pipettors

  • Fully autoclavable without disassembling.
  • Thermal insulation of the internal components to improve accuracy.
  • Locking mechanism preventing accidental volume changes during pipetting.
  • Ergonomic finger support, no need to squeeze pipette.
  • Fast and light, stepless volume adjustment.
  • Thumb activated Safe-Cone filter ejection.
  • Clear and easy-to-read display with big numbers.
  • Easy cleaning, maintenance and calibration. Calibration adjustment nut on the backside.
  • Volume range colour coding for easy selection of the right Biohit tip.
  • Optiload tip loading mechanism for light tip ejection and perfect tip sealing.
  • All models larger than 10 µl offer replaceable Safe-Cone filters to prevent internal contamination and damage.
  • ID tag and five colour-coded caps.
  • Warranty: 3 years.

Manufacturer : Sartorius Corp

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Cat.#Volume RangeIncrementsMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
706-325-020.1-3 µl0.002 µl725010$643.65 EA  
Ordered upon request
706-325-040.5-10 µl0.01 µl725020$643.65 EA  
Ordered upon request
706-325-062-20 µl0.02 µl725030$643.65 EA  
Ordered upon request
706-325-0810-100 µl0.10 µl725050$643.65 EA  
Ordered upon request
706-325-1020-200 µl0.20 µl725060$643.65 EA  
Ordered upon request
706-325-12100-1000 µl1.00 µl725070$643.65 EA  
In Stock
706-325-14500-5000 µl10.0 µl725080$643.65 EA  
Ordered upon request
706-325-161-10 ml20.0 µl725090$643.65 EA  
Ordered upon request

Parts & Accessories:

Cat.#DescriptionMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
706-325-30Carousel stand for 6 pipettorsLH-725630$205.80 EA  
Ordered upon request
707-840-34Linear stand725620$203.70 EA  
Ordered upon request

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