Ammonia Ion Selective Electrode

Ideal for analyzing drinking water and wastewater samples. Low detection limits to 0.01 ppm. Electrode provides a 1 minute rapid response time in sample concentrations of 1 ppm or higher. The electrode consists of a durable, chemical-resistant, translucent body with a built-in fill line to prevent overfilling. Can be used with loose membranes or pre-assembled outer body and membrane cap. The pre-assembled outer body with membrane cap delivers the accuracy of a stretched membrane with the convenience of a membrane cap. The electrode provides linear response at low limits of detection, fast response and easy maintenance. Keying feature ensures a secure fit of the electrode and protects the membrane for longer life. Comes with a waterproof BNC connector and 1 meter cable, 20 loose membranes, 1 pre-assembled outer body with membrane cap, 60 ml bottle of electrode filling solution, spout cap and tweezers.

Concentration Range: 5 x 10-7 M to 1 M
0.01 to 17,000 ppm as NH3 or 0.01 to 14,000 ppm as N
Temperature Range: 0 to 50°C
Reproducibility: ±2%
Electrode dimensions: 120mm (length), 12mm (diameter)

Manufacturer : Thermo Orion Inc

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Parts & Accessories:

Cat.#DescriptionMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
665-701-13High-performance ammonia ISE9512HPBNWP$1,624.06 EA  
Ships within one week
665-800-03Fill solution for high-performance ammonia ISE, 60ml951209$147.41 EA  
Ships within one week
665-800-05Loose membranes for 665-701-13951214$267.54 PK / 20  
Ships within one week
665-800-07Pre-assembled outer body and membrane cap for 665-701-13951215$141.12 PK / 3  
Ships within one week
665-800-080.1M NH4Cl Solution, 465 ml951006$155.83 EA  
Ships within one week
665-800-09100 ppm NH3 as Nitrogen standard, 475 ml951207$135.89 EA  
Ships within one week
665-800-10Low level ISA pH Adjustor, 475 ml951011$211.87 EA  
Ships within one week
665-800-11Ammonia standard, 1000pm, 475ml951007$155.83 EA  
Ships within one week
665-800-13Ammonia ISE, 475ml951211$197.49 EA  
Ships within one week

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