Battery Tester, Certified

  • Self-powered - requires no batteries
  • Accurate and long-lasting
  • Eliminates guess work when changing batteries

    This battery tester checks alkaline, carbon, silver-oxide, mercury, nickel-cadmium and other batteries. Tests battery voltages from 1.35 to 12 volts on 13 ranges. Accuracy is ±5%. Simple color-coded scale immediately indicates battery condition.

    Provides true resistive load readings equal to real-world usage. Superior to voltmeters that provide only false, no-load values. Pays for itself by eliminating battery replacements. Checks any battery in one second.

    Unit is 3.5 x 2.5 x 1” and weighs 85 g. Leads are 27.5” long. Includes NIST Traceable® Certificate and instructions.

Manufacturer : Control Company

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Battery Tester
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