Clinical Refractometers

Made to high standards especially for the medical laboratory. Warranty: 6 months.

Manufacturer : Sper Scientific Ltd.

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Cat.#UseTypeRange, Specific GravityRange, Serum ProteinRange, Refractive IndexMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
744-500-02Urine (Waterproof)HandSp. Gr. 1.000-1.050R.I. 1.333-1.3562722
744-500-04Serum Protein and UrineHandSp. Gr. 1.000-1.050S.P. 0-15 g/100 mlR.I. 1.333-1.3662734
744-510-08Serum Protein and UrineHandSp. Gr. 1.000-1.040S.P. 1-12 g/100 mlR.I. 1.333-1.360300005SPEC$157.11 EA  
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