Dispensette S Dispensers

  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for dispensing aggressive reagents and solvents.
  • Quick, accurate, and precise volume adjustment.
  • Uses Floating Piston design: no seals to wear and replace.
  • Factory calibrated and certified with individual serial number.
  • Calibration feature for compliance with ISO 9000/GLP guidelines.
  • Simple disassembly for easy cleaning.
  • Autoclavable.
  • Parts which come into contact with liquid are made of borosilicate glass, ETFE, PTFE, PFA, FEP, platinum-iridium, and ceramic.
  • Accuracy: ≤0.5 % (1.0% for 716-500-02)
  • Repeatability: ≤0.1% (0.2% for 716-500-02)

    Safe in the lab...
  • Safety discharge system protects against inadvertent dispensing.
  • SafetyPrime™ valve eliminates spurting during priming.
  • Discharge tube safety cap removes easily, even with gloves.
  • Optional flexible discharge tube with safety handle facilitates safer serial dispensing, even into narrow test tubes.
  • Supplied with performance certificate

    Dispensette S Organic is compatible with acetonitrile, DMF, DMSO, HCl, H2SO4 fuming, methanol, methylene chloride, peroxides, TFA and THF.

    Includes the following polypropylene adapters for bottle thread:
    0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10 ml models - A24, A28, A33, A38
    25, 50 ml models - A28, A33, A38
    100 ml model - A33, A38

All SKUs upgraded to the Dispensette "S"

The “floating piston” design of the Dispensette S forms a zero-wear sealing system with outstanding sliding properties. Optimized flow channels make dispensing and priming even easier – particularly in instruments with large volumes.

New Features:

  • Simple to mount discharge tube available with or without integrated recirculation valve
  • Designed without additional sealing rings for ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Replaceable discharge valve with safety valve
  • Olive-shaped filling valve for firmer attachment of filling tubes
  • Improved flow technology results in faster priming
  • Scalloped track for secure volume setting on analog dispensers
  • All these models have recirculation valves

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Manufacturer : Brandtech Scientific, Inc.

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Dispensette Bottletop Dispenser
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Cat.#DescriptionTypeVolume, mlSubdiv., mlMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
716-500-02Dispensette® SAdjustable Volume, Analog0.05-  0.50.014600101$981.96 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-500-04Dispensette® SAdjustable Volume, Analog0.2 -  2.00.054600121$981.96 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-500-06Dispensette® SAdjustable Volume, Analog0.5 -  5.00.14600131$981.96 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-500-08Dispensette® SAdjustable Volume, Analog  1 - 10.00.24600141$981.96 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-500-10Dispensette® SAdjustable Volume, Analog2.5 - 25.00.54600151$1,350.20 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-500-12Dispensette® SAdjustable Volume, Analog  5 - 5014600161$1,385.27 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-500-14Dispensette® SAdjustable Volume, Analog10 -10014600171$2,139.27 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-600-02Dispensette® SFixed Volume, Analog 14600211$981.96 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-600-04Dispensette® SFixed Volume, Analog 24600221$981.96 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-600-06Dispensette® SFixed Volume, Analog 54600231$981.96 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-600-08Dispensette® SFixed Volume, Analog104600241$981.96 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-700-02Dispensette® SAdjustable Volume, Digital0.2 - 20.014600321$1,131.01 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-700-04Dispensette® SAdjustable Volume, Digital0.5 - 50.024600331$1,131.01 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-700-06Dispensette® SAdjustable Volume, Digital 1 -100.054600341$1,131.01 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-700-08Dispensette® SAdjustable Volume, Digital2.5 -250.14600351$1,508.01 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-700-10Dispensette® SAdjustable Volume, Digital  5 -500.24600361$1,525.55 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-800-52Dispensette® S OrganicAdjustable Volume, Analog0.5-  5.00.14630131$1,078.40 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-800-54Dispensette® S OrganicAdjustable Volume, Analog  1- 10.00.24630141$1,078.40 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-800-56Dispensette® S OrganicAdjustable Volume, Analog2.5- 25.00.54630151$1,481.71 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-800-58Dispensette® S OrganicAdjustable Volume, Analog  5- 50.014630161$1,516.78 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-800-60Dispensette® S OrganicAdjustable Volume, Analog10-100.014630171$2,349.69 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-800-72Dispensette® S Organic DigitalAdjustable Volume, Digital0.5- 5.00.024630331$1,236.22 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-800-74Dispensette® S Organic DigitalAdjustable Volume, Digital  1-10.00.054630341$1,236.22 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-800-76Dispensette® S Organic DigitalAdjustable Volume, Digital2.5-25.00.14630351$1,648.29 EA  
Ordered upon request
716-800-78Dispensette® S Organic DigitalAdjustable Volume, Digital  5-50.00.24630361$1,674.59 EA  
Ordered upon request

Parts & Accessories:

Cat.#DescriptionMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
716-800-02Flexible PTFE discharge tubing with safety handle, 80 cm, for 1, 2, 5, 10 ml707925
716-800-04Flexible PTFE discharge tubing with safety handle, 80 cm, for 25, 50, 100 ml707926

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