Graduated Oil Tube, 100 ml

Designed to meet specifications for a pear-shaped 100 ml centrifuge tube as contained in ASTM D-96 Standard Test Methods for Water and Sediment in Crude Oils, and ASTM D-1966 Standard Test Method for Foots in Raw Linseed Oil (Gravimetric Method). The 1.5 ml stem is graduated in 0.1 ml subdivisions. The pear-shaped body is graduated from 1.5 to 5 ml in 0.5 ml subdivisions, from 5 to 10 ml in 1 ml subdivisions, from 10 to 25 ml in 5 ml subdivisions, and at 50 ml and 100 ml. (ASTM D-96, D-1966; API 2542)

Manufacturer : Wilmad/Labglass

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