Histology Containers

  • Designed for the storage of histology specimens.
  • ""O-Ring"" polyethylene screw cap forms a seal that eliminates most formalin leakage and evaporation.
  • The 5ml to 1L containers are translucent, flexible, resists cracking and splitting, and eliminates the problems associated with formalin evaporation.
  • The 2L to 8L containers are opaque polypropylene with unique tamper evident snap-on lids.
  • The 40ml to 90ml sizes have graduations, have O-ring caps that fit the top of the vial so there is more contact for better leak resistance, have reinforced tops and bottoms which make the vials difficult to squeeze and therefore prevents spills, and are straight-sided to make them more stable and stackable.
  • The 250ml to 1L sizes have graduations, have ribbed O-ring caps for easy gripping, are stackable, are semi-clear to allow viewing to check that the formalin covers the tissue, and are nested in plastic sleeves for saving storage space.
  • The 2L to 8L sizes have a unique snap-on cap to maintain a secure seal with a tear-off tamper-evident tab, are stackable, have a sturdy handle (can be removed if desired) and are nested in shipping cases for saving storage space.
  • Non-sterile.

Manufacturer : Starplex Scientific

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Cat.#SizeVialLabelCap StylePackagingMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
565-055-022LPolypropylene, WhiteIn CaseWhite, Snap-on10/sleeveH20002$128.05 CS / 20  
Ships within one week
565-055-045LPolypropylene, WhiteIn CaseWhite, Snap-on5/sleeveH50002$115.14 CS / 10  
Ships within one week
565-055-068LPolypropylene, WhiteIn CaseWhite, Snap-on5/sleeveH80002$141.33 CS / 10  
Ships within one week
565-060-0440mlPolypropylene, ClearIn CaseYellow, O-ring100/bagH402-FL$129.56 CS / 600  
Ships within one week
565-060-06250mlPolypropylene, ClearIn CaseYellow, O-ring10/sleeveH2502-C$88.98 CS / 100  
Ships within one week
565-060-08500mlPolypropylene, ClearIn CaseYellow, O-ring10/sleeveH5002-C$103.61 CS / 100  
Ships within one week
565-060-101LPolypropylene, ClearIn CaseYellow, O-ring10/sleeveH10002-C$147.69 CS / 100  
Ships within one week
565-060-1860mlPolypropylene, ClearAffixedYellow, O-ring100/bagH602-FL$181.30 CS / 500  
Ships within one week
565-060-2090mlPolypropylene, ClearAffixedYellow, O-ring100/bagH902-FL$164.75 CS / 400  
Ships within one week

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