Kord-Valmark Petri Dishes

  • Disposable, single use, polystyrene Petri dishes for general microbiological use.
  • Ideal for water treatment and pharmaceutical membrane filter tests.
  • Clear top and bottom viewing surfaces, molded from medical grade virgin polystyrene.
  • Radiation sterilized.
  • Consistent flatness for even distribution of media.
  • Ventilation ribs reduces condensation during incubation and allows free air circulation.
  • Slippable dishes have a specially designed “slippable” lid that is ideal for use in automated equipment.
  • Flared lid skirt and squared corners allow for easy, one-hand operation, especially with gloves.
  • Sterilization Processing and Compliance Certificates available upon request.
  • Traceable to standards provided by NIST.

Manufacturer : Bioplast Manufacturing

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Cat.#Rim FeatureStyleUnique FeatureIso Mark TargetDimensionsMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
372-600-02SlippableMonoMedia SaverNo60 x 15 mm2916$209.00 CS / 500  
Ships within one week
372-600-04SlippableMonoMedia SaverNo95 x 15 mm2914$268.98 CS / 500  
Ships within one week
372-600-06SlippableMonoSpace SaverNo100 x 10 mm2904$392.84 CS / 750  
Ships within one week
372-600-10SlippableMonoIndustry StandardYes100 x 15 mm2910P$230.15 CS / 500  
Ships within one week
372-600-12SlippableMonoClear Viewing SurfacesNo100 x 15 mm2917$241.89 CS / 500  
Ships within one week
372-600-14No rimMonoAutomation LidNo100 x 15 mm2920$272.87 CS / 500  
Ships within one week
372-600-16SlippableBiTwo compartmentsYes100 x 15 mm2911$255.44 CS / 500  
Ships within one week
372-600-18SlippableMonoDeep dish, 20 mmYes100 x 20 mm2905$253.51 CS / 400  
Ships within one week
372-600-20SlippableMonoExtra deep for seed germination testsNo100 x 25 mm2909$226.42 CS / 340  
Ships within one week
372-600-22Stackable/SlippableMono85 x 13 Ultra plateYes85 x 13 mm2950$294.15 CS / 600  
Ships within one week
372-600-24No rimMonoConcentric Bottom ring ensures even media depthYes150 x 15 mm2902$181.92 CS / 100  
Ships within one week
372-600-26StackableMonoMedia SaverNo60 x 15 mm2901$187.70 CS / 500  
Ships within one week
372-600-32StackableBiTwo compartmentsYes100 x 15 mm2903$255.45 CS / 500  
Ships within one week
372-600-34StackableTriThree compartmentsYes100 x 15 mm2912$255.45 CS / 500  
Ships within one week
372-600-36StackableQuadFour compartmentsYes100 x 15 mm2913$255.45 CS / 500  
Ships within one week
372-600-38StackableMonoExtra deep dishNo100 x 25 mm2906$226.40 CS / 340  
Ships within one week
372-600-40-Contact DishFor direct testing of surfacesNo65 x 15 mm1000$238.04 CS / 500  
Ships within one week


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