Sartorius pHBasic Meters

The pHBasic is a perfect benchtop meter for your basic everyday pH routines. A simple-to-use with classic interface design and intuitive icons with optimized algorithms to harmonized measuring system of sensor with meter. Extremely reliable with real time indicators like ElectCheck, and Stability Control making this the classic go-to meter for any basic lab.

  • Classic no-fuss menus and intuitive operation
  • Large LCD displays with simultaneous pH/mV & temperature
  • Understandable status icons and indicators like Stability Control
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Automatic buffer recognition- 2 sets of standard buffers or a standard value can be input manually
  • Easy 1-2-3 point Calibration
  • Quick access to electrode calibration data
  • At a glance know your sensor efficiency & calibration integrity areintact/expired with ElectCheck
  • 2-year warranty


  • pH Range: -2.0 to +20.0| -2.00 to +20.00| -2.000 to +19.999
  • pH Readability: 0.1|0.01|0.001
  • pH Accuracy: ±0.1|±0.01|±0.005
  • pH Calibration Points max. 3
  • pH Channels: 1
  • pH Connector Type: BNC
  • mV Range: -1200.0 to +1200.0| -2000 to +2000
  • mV Readability: 0.1|1
  • mV Accuracy: ±0.3|±1
  • mV Channels: 1
  • Temp. Range: -5.0 to +105.0°C
  • Temp. Readability: 0.1
  • Temp. Accuracy: ±0.1°C (± 1 digit)
  • Temp. Channels: 1 Selectable °C|°F (Fahrenheit) 

Manufacturer : Sartorius

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640-350-02pHBasic MeterPower Supply, Manual, 4 AA batteries, Electrode Arm and Base (no electrode)pHBasic$824.25 EA  
Ships within one week
640-350-04pHBasic Meter Bio KitPower Supply, Manual, 4 AA batteries, Electrode Arm and Base, Electrode PY-P11-2SpHBasic-Bio-Kit$1,223.25 EA  
Ships within one week
640-350-06pHBasic Meter KitPower Supply, Manual, 4 AA batteries, Electrode Arm and Base, Electrode PY-P10-2SpHBasic-Kit$1,013.25 EA  
Ships within one week

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