Stereo Zoom Microscopes

  • These Stereo Zoom Microscopes offer high-level optics and a wide range of configurations suitable for any application.

  • All models are equipped with a 0.7X to 4.5X primary magnification continuous zoom head.
  • Parfocal magnification: once focused, image remains in focus throughout entire range of magnification.
  • 10X Wide-Field eyepieces are standard on all models which yield a total nominal magnification of 7X to 45X.
  • Oversized focusing knobs, frosted glass stage plate, and removable stage clips.
  • Lighted stands feature a 3-way switch for different illumination combinations.
  • 360° rotatable head; available as binocular or trinocular; interpupilliary and diopter adjustment mechanisms on one eyepiece.
  • 15 W variable quartz halogen for upper and lower illumination on dual halogen stands.
  • 15 W variable quartz halogen for upper and 5 W white fluorescent for lower illumination on the halogen/fluorescent stands.
  • Pole stand models allow 100 mm vertical travel.
  • Boom stand models allow 415 mm horizontal travel and 300 mm vertical travel.

Manufacturer : Vee Gee Scientific Inc.

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