Thermolyne 1200°C Muffle Furnaces

Type 47900 Muffle Furnace offers 120 cubic inches of heating area. Outside Dimensions: 11.25""W x 22""D x 18""H. Chamber Dimensions: 5""W x 4""H x 6""D. Shipping weight: 41 lbs.

Type 48000 Muffle Furnace offers additional loading capacity with the addition of a ceramic shelf, and 350 cubic inches of heating area. Outside Dimensions: 13.25""W x 21""D x 19""H. Chamber Dimensions: 7""W x 5""H x 10""D . Shipping weight: 60 lbs.

Maximum temperature range to 1200°C. Experience fast heat with minimum temperature gradient through the use of open coil heating elements on both sides of the chamber. Maximum energy efficiency is achieved through use of high thermal-efficient ceramic insulation surrounding the chamber. Preventing heat loss around the door has been achieved by using a free-floating, ceramic fiber door, including a chamber plug, that totally seals when the spring-loaded door is closed. A door safety interlock switch is provided to disconnect power to the heating elements whenever the door is opened to provide increased operator safety. Removal of undesirable contaminants and moisture is made easy by means of the built-in venting system. Additional load capacity is offered with the Type 48000 by including a ceramic shelf that doubles the loading surface area. Injection of special atmospheres or the monitoring of chamber temperature with an independent measuring device is made easy by using the pre-drilled, 3/8 inch dia. port located at the rear of the chamber. All furnaces come complete with an on/off switch, thermocouple and grounded three-wire cord and plug. One year warranty. CSA Approved.

Choose from four different temperature controller models:
• Type A control has a digital display to indicate chamber temperature continuously unless push-to-set temperature button is depressed. This controller will provide temperature stability of ±1.0°C.
• If a single temperature setting is all you need, then choose the single setpoint automatic models (Group B) which allow you to simultaneously monitor both the setpoint and actual chamber temperatures.
• If programmability is a requirement, two models are offered that allow you to select up to 2 ramps and 2 dwells (Group C) or 8 ramps and 8 dwells/plus RS232 communications (Group D).

Control Type Code:
A = Digital control
B = Single set point automatic with OTP
C = Programmable, 4 ramp and 4 dwell segments
D = Programmable, 8 ramp and 8 dwell segments

208 volt models are also available.

NOTE: Models with * are CSA approved.

Manufacturer : Thermo Scientific

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Cat.#WattsVoltsControllerAmpsMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
521-800-021000120A* 8.3F47915$5,024.97 EA  
Ships within one week
521-800-041000240A* 4.2F47910$5,048.33 EA  
Ships within one week
521-800-061000120B 8.3F47925$7,457.44 EA  
Ships within one week
521-800-081000240B* 4.2F47920$7,414.30 EA  
Ships within one week
521-800-101000120C 8.3F47925-80$9,379.34 EA  
Ships within one week
521-800-121000240C 4.2F47920-80$9,409.91 EA  
Ships within one week
521-800-131000120D 8.3F47955$12,065.31 EA  
Ships within one week
521-800-151000240D* 4.2F47950$11,842.38 EA  
Ships within one week
521-800-181800120A*15F48015-60$6,991.92 EA  
Ships within one week
521-800-211800240A* 7.5F48010$5,873.54 EA  
Ships within one week
521-800-361800240C 7.5F48020-80$10,429.29 EA  
Ships within one week
521-800-401800240D* 7.5F48050$13,158.40 EA  
Ships within one week

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