Thermolyne Digital Furnaces

The counterweighted door swings upward, keeping hot side away from the operator. Heavy-duty firebrick insulation surrounds chamber opening for durability. Ceramic fiber insulation surrounds the heating chamber for maximum energy efficiency and rapid heat up. The lightness of the ceramic fiber makes the furnace compact and space efficient. Heating elements are embedded in special refractory cement, to provide excellent heat distribution in the chamber. A door safety switch removes power from the heating elements when the door is opened. Unit is supplied with a ceramic hearth tray, but is not supplied with cord and plug. One year warranty. CUL Approved.

Group B: Automatic Control:
Safe and reliable automatic control for furnace operation at ONE selected temperature. The operator sets the control to the desired temperature and the furnace heats to this set level. A fluorescent digital display is provided for easy viewing of the setpoint and chamber temperature in degrees centigrade. Adjustable alarm or OTP temperature setting can be used to protect the furnace or loads in the chamber from excess heat.

Group C: Programmable Control:
A 2 Ramp and 2 Dwell programmable control operates exactly like an automatic control, with one exception. The control can be programmed to heat or naturally cool at a set rate from the setpoint temperature to other temperature levels. The programmable control allows the operator to program the rate of temperature increase and decrease (RAMP), and the time period that the temperature holds at specific levels (DWELL).

Manufacturer : Thermo Scientific

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Cat.#Chamber W x H x D, in.Overall W x H x D, in.VoltsControllerOperating Range, °CMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
521-770-024 x 3.75 x 911 x 25 x 18120B100 to 1200FD1535M$6,420.09 EA  
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521-770-044 x 3.75 x 911 x 25 x 18120C100 to 1200FD1545M$7,619.26 EA  
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