Trade in any old water purification system and receive up to 45% off one of the following Barnstead Water Systems:
GenPure xCAD Plus UV/UF (with benchtop xCAD Plus remote dispenser): 966-151-83
GenPure Pro UV/UF: 966-154-02
GenPure UV/UF: 966-155-86
Smart2Pure 3 UV/UF: 966-152-08
Smart2Pure 6 UV/UF: 966-152-16
Smart2Pure 12 UV/UF: 966-152-24

Valid until December 31, 2017. Please contact your account manager or call us at 800-267-2362 for more details. 

All GenPure packages include: GenPure water system, wall mounting bracket, pressure regulator valve, UV lamp, ultrapure polishing cartridge, ultrafilter, and 0.2 micron final filter.

All Smart2Pure packages include: Hardness stabilizer, 5 micron filter with activated carbon, RO/Pretreatment, Ultrapolishing cartridge, UV lamp, Ultra filter, 0.2 micron final filter, hand dispenser for type 2 water. Smart2Pure systems may require additional pretreatment based on feedwater. Smart2Pure 12 requires additional accessories for water storage. 

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Barnstead GenPure xCAD Plus Type 1 Water Systems
Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Barnstead GenPure Pro Type 1 Water Systems
Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific
Barnstead GenPure Water Systems
Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Barnstead Smart2Pure Water Purification System
Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific