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This promotion is valid until April 30th, 2020, on 120V models only:

Mechanical Convection Incubator:

  • 579-617-04
  • 579-617-06
  • 579-617-08
  • 579-617-10

Natural Convection Heating Incubators:

  • 579-615-04
  • 579-615-06
  • 579-615-08
  • 579-615-10

You will receive 565-501-06 for free!

BEING BMS Series Hot Plate Stirrers
Manufacturer: BEING Instruments Inc.
BEING BIT Series Natural Convection Heating Incubators
Manufacturer: BEING Instruments Inc.
BEING BIF Series Mechanical Convection Incubators
Manufacturer: BEING Instruments Inc.