Gosselin Petri Dishes

  • Great compatibility with most industrial and non-industrial automatic agar-pouring machines.
  • Manufactured under aseptic conditions according to Cleanroom (Class 100) technology.
  • Perfect flatness to ensure the agar’s constant depth.
  • Total transparency optimizes reading by image analysing systems.
  • Lightweight to reduce the cost of customer waste disposal of plates.
  • All plates are made of natural polystyrene.
  • Stacking ring is specially designed to improve the stacking of plates.
  • Retains shape up to 55ºC. Quality of the polystyrene used provides plates with a high level of mechanical resistance.
  • All plates are ISO 5 (Class 100) aseptic or sterilized, according to the requirements of standards NF 556-01 and NF 552.
  • Product traceability for each box.


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Manufacturer : Corning Life Sciences

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Cat.#DescriptionCompartmentsVentsSterilityQty/SleeveMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
372-100-0265x15mm contact dish, grip lid, domed base1No ventsSterile20BB60-01$472.59 CS / 720  
Ordered upon request
372-100-0465x15mm contact dish, grip lid, domed base14 ventsAseptic20BB64-02$460.47 CS / 720  
Ordered upon request
372-100-06100x15mm dish, frosted area23 ventsAseptic33BI93D-101$262.36 CS / 825  
Ordered upon request
372-100-08100x15mm dish, frosted area23 ventsSterile33BI93D-102$286.78 CS / 825  
Ordered upon request
372-100-12150x15mm slippable dish13 ventsSterile11BP143-06$257.68 CS / 176  
Ordered upon request
372-100-1460x15mm slippable dish16 ventsSterile15BP53-03$525.05 CS / 1620  
Ordered upon request
372-100-16100x15mm semi-stackable dish13 ventsAseptic33BP93B-101$223.52 CS / 825  
In Stock
372-100-18100x15mm slippable dish, frosted area13 ventsAseptic33BP93D-102$231.38 CS / 825  
Ordered upon request
372-100-20100x15mm semi-stackable dish13 ventsAseptic33SB93-101$223.78 CS / 825  
Ordered upon request
372-100-22100x15mm semi-stackable dish13 ventsSterile33SB93-102$261.99 CS / 825  
Ordered upon request
372-100-26100x15mm semi-stackable dish13 ventsSterile, double bagged33BP93B-102$247.57 CS / 825  
Ordered upon request
372-100-30100x15mm slippable dish14 ventsSterile25BP94A-01$161.72 CS / 500  
In Stock
372-100-32100x15mm stackable dish14 ventsSterile25BP94S-01$151.85 CS / 500  
In Stock

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