Axygen Axypet Pro Single-Channel Pipettor, Autoclavable

AP-2-P, AP-10-P, AP-20-P, AP-50-P,  AP-100-P, AP-200-P. AP-1000-P

Axygen Axypet Pro Pipettors have been engineered to provide the highest levels of ergonomics, accuracy, and precision. Lightweight construction, contoured shape of the handle, and 4-digit counter were designed to ensure comfortable pipetting. All pipettors feature smooth plunger movement and extremely low pipetting forces to reduce the wrist strain and fatigue (RSI). Coloured pushbuttons (included) can help define user or application for sample safety and lower risk of cross contamination.

  • Ergonomic handle design for perfect fit for both right and left hand
  • Convenient one-hand volume setting with auto-lock system prevents accidental volume change during work
  • 4-digit counter for greater precision, perfectly positioned for visibility at all times
  • Single-channel pipettors are compatible with very narrow tubes
  • Fully autoclavable and UV-resistant for sample protection against contaminations
  • The multi-channel shafts retract individually for perfect tip loading and easier tip ejection
  • Easy in-lab calibration helps you quickly adjust your pipettor to various liquid types
  • Individually tested and supplied with a certificate of quality

Manufacturer : Axygen

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Cat.#Volume RangeAccuracyPrecision (less than or equal to)Mfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
700-803-020.1-2 uL±40.0 to ±1.5%12.0 to 0.7%AP-2-P$395.18 EA  
Ships from manufacturer
700-803-040.5 to 10 uL±4.0 to ±1.0%2.8 to 0.4%AP-10-P$395.18 EA  
Ships from manufacturer
700-803-062-20 uL±3.5 to ±0.8%1.5 to 0.3%AP-20-P$395.18 EA  
Ships from manufacturer
700-803-085-50 uL±3.5 to ±0.8%1.3 to 0.3%AP-50-P$395.18 EA  
Ships from manufacturer
700-803-1010-100 uL±3.0 to ±0.8%1.0 to 0.2%AP-100-P$395.18 EA  
Ships from manufacturer
700-803-1220-200 uL±2.0 to ±0.6%0.7 to 0.2%AP-200-P$395.18 EA  
Ships from manufacturer
700-803-14100-1000 uL±2.5 to ±0.6%0.6 to 0.2%AP-1000-P$395.18 EA  
Ships from manufacturer

Parts & Accessories:

Cat.#DescriptionMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
701-900-06Axypet Carousel StandAP-CSD$185.06 CS / 1  
Ships from manufacturer
701-900-12Axypet Left Hand Ejector ButtonAP-LHEB$17.29 CS / 1  
Ships from manufacturer
701-900-24Axypet Right Hand Ejector ButtonAP-RHEB$17.29 CS / 1  
Ships from manufacturer
701-900-26Universal Stand for 1 Single or 1 Multi-Channel PipettorAP-USD$68.01 CS / 1  
Ships from manufacturer

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