Eppendorf Maxipettor®

Volume selection from 1 to 10 ml in increments of 0.01 ml. Continuously adjustable. Exact volume settings easily identified by digital display. Uses disposable tips that are easily attached and removed. Air-displacement tips and positive-displacement tips are available. Warranty: 1 year.

Maxitip “P” (positive displacement) comes complete with piston and barrel. Maxitip “P” is available individually wrapped in nonsterile and sterile pyrogen-free (Eppendorf Biopur) packaging.
Maxitip “S” (air displacement) includes a reusable piston and barrel with a disposable autoclavable tip (170 mm long) for easy access to bottles or narrow-neck vessels. Recommended for dispensing liquids with high vapor pressure or high density.
Maxitip “G” is the same as Maxitip “S” but graduated. Optional valves are available for Maxitip “S” or “G” to eliminate dripping caused by reagents with high vapor pressure.
Maxitip “S” kit includes 10 barrels with pistons, 100 Maxitip “S”, 2 Maxitip “G”, and 10 valves.

Manufacturer : Eppendorf

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Cat.#Mfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
707-000-1122 29 000-2$1,982.57 EA  
Ordered upon request

Parts & Accessories:

Cat.#DescriptionDispensing Range, mlAccuracy, %Mfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
707-000-20Maxitip “P” positive displacement, nonsterile1.0-10.0±0.6-0.322291050$556.74 CS / 100  
Ordered upon request
707-000-24Maxitip “S” air displacement2.5-10.0±1.0-0.322291351$446.47 PK / 200  
Ordered upon request
707-000-26Barrels with pistons for Maxitip “S”22291408$403.43 PK / 25  
Ordered upon request
707-000-28Maxitip “S” Kit22291301$521.77 EA  
Ordered upon request
707-000-30Maxitip “G” air displacement, graduated22291505$192.91 PK / 5  
Ordered upon request
707-000-32Valves for Maxitips “S” and “G”22291459$203.07 PK / 100  
Ordered upon request
707-400-02Repeater Stand, holds 2 units22260651$208.66 EA  
Ordered upon request

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