Atago PAL-HIKARi Touch Brix Meters

Measuring Brix (Sweetness) Just by Touch

Unlike traditional brix meters that require cutting and squeezing juice to measure Brix, the Atago PAL-Hikari Touch Brix meters allow users to measure brix simply by placing the meter against the fruit. There is no need for wiping and cleaning when it can measure without cutting and juicing. Since measuring does not damage the fruit, when done, it can be packed and shipped


*Note: due to the variance in the thickness of the fruit's skin, each fruit needs a specific unit especially designed to measure the brix of that fruit. Please refer to the specifications in the table below to find your recommended meter.

Manufacturer : Atago U.S.A., Inc.

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Cat.#FruitRangeAccuracyMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
744-410-02Grape10.0 to 25.0%±1.5%5452$2,979.90 EA  
Ordered upon request
744-410-04Cherry Tomato3.0 to 15.0%±1.5%5453$2,880.57 EA  
Ordered upon request
744-410-06Strawberry4 to 21%±1.5%5454$2,979.90 EA  
Ordered upon request
744-410-08Apple10.0 to 18.0%±1%5455$2,880.57 EA  
Ordered upon request
744-410-10Peach8.0 to 20.0%±1.5%5460$2,880.57 EA  
Ordered upon request
744-410-12Asian Pear10.0 to 16.0%±1%5462$2,880.57 EA  
Ordered upon request
744-410-14Cherry12.0 to 26.0%±1.5%5466$2,880.57 EA  
Ordered upon request
744-410-16Corn9.0 to 20.0%±2%8551$2,880.57 EA  
Ordered upon request


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