Digital Pocket Refractometers

  • Light, compact and portable.
  • Automatic temperature compensation (ATC).
  • Water resistant to IP65.
  • Measures high temperature samples during heating or cooking.
  • Sample volume: 0.3 ml.
  • Metal sample stage allows sample temperature to conform quickly and evenly to prism temperature for accurate measurements.
  • Prism made of highly durable optical glass.
  • Zero-setting key is used with water.
  • Convenient storage case.
  • Measuring time: 3 seconds.
  • Features External Light Interference (E.L.I.) for displaying warning message when intense direct light is detected.
  • Power: 2 x AAA batteries.
  • Dimensions: 55W x 31D x 109H mm.

    PAL-1: Wide measurement range for the sugar concentration of almost any fruit juice, drink, soup, ketchup, tomato sauce or jam.
    PAL-2: Measures sugar concentration of high concentration samples. Calibration can be done with water.
    PAL-03S: Used for controlling concentration of snow melting agents (NaCl) and saltwater.
    PAL-22S: Honey refractometer that measures the % water content of samples easily and displays readings digitally.
    PAL-88S: Measures the propylene glycol (PG) concentration of solutions (0 to -50°C).
    PAL-91S: Suitable for checking coolant liquid and Ethylene Glycol (EG) series antifreeze solutions (0 to -50°C).
    PAL-06S: Seawater
    PAL-36S: Methanol
    PAL-39S: Hydrogen Peroxide
    PAL-102S: Cutting Oil

    There are 73 additional models available with scales for specific applications (please inquire).

    The optional carrying case features durable nylon sheeting on the outside and soft padding on the inside. Case has a heavy-duty steel belt clip and leather backing. The cover is designed to specifically protect the prism and sample stage.

Manufacturer : Atago U.S.A., Inc.

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Cat.#Range %Resolution, %Accuracy, %ATC Range, °CModelApplicationMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
746-165-000-53% Brix0.1±0.210 to 100PAL-1, w/ bluetooth for Android/WindowsBrix4810$743.85 EA  
Ships within one week
746-165-010-53% Brix0.1±0.210 to 100PAL-1, w/ bluetooth for iPhoneBrix3810i$743.85 EA  
Ships within one week
746-165-02 0-53% Brix0.1±0.210 to 100PAL-1Brix3810$666.90 EA  
Ships within one week
746-165-03 0-85% Brix0.1±0.210 to 100PAL-alphaBrix3840$974.70 EA  
Ships within one week
746-165-0445-93% Brix0.1±0.210 to 100PAL-2Brix3820$743.84 EA  
Ships within one week
746-165-05 0-93% Brix0.1±0.110 to 100PAL-3Brix3830$1,781.42 EA  
Ships within one week
746-165-06 0-28% NaCl0.1±0.210 to 40PAL-03SSodium Chloride (g/100g)4403$795.17 EA  
Ships within one week
746-165-0812-30%0.1±0.210 to 40PAL-22SHoney Moisture4422$795.17 EA  
Ships within one week
746-165-10 0-70% PG0.2±0.410 to 40PAL-88SP.G. Celsius4488$795.17 EA  
Ships within one week
746-165-12 0-70% EG0.2±0.410 to 40PAL-91SE.G. Celsius4491$795.17 EA  
Ships within one week
746-165-300-100 ppt1±2.010 to 40PAL-06SSalinity of seawater4406$843.35 EA  
Ships within one week
746-165-320-35%1±2.010 to 35PAL-36SMethyl alcohol4436$795.14 EA  
Ships within one week
746-165-340-70%0.1±0.210 to 75PAL-102SCoolant Refractometer4502$795.14 EA  
Ships within one week
746-165-360-85%0.1±0.210 to 100PAL-MAPLEBrix, Maple Syrup3849$1,108.45 EA  
Ships within one week
746-165-404439$795.17 EA  
Ships within one week

Parts & Accessories:

Cat.#DescriptionMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
746-166-11Carrying CaseRE-39409$56.63 EA  
Ships within one week


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