HALO Wireless pH Meters

Your smart device is now a professional grade pH meter wherever and whenever you need it.

HALO's smart system tells you when your electrode needs cleaning or calibration. It collects all all of your pH and temperature data just in case you missed something. Group your data by time or notation. Email it for storage or share it with friends or colleagues.

Connects to Hanna Lab App with a compatible Apple or Android Device via Bluetooth Smart Technology (Bluetooth 4.0)

Up to five-point pH calibration with seven standard pH buffers available

Calibration reminder
  • Alerts you when HALO needs calibration
  • Appropriate preprogrammed calibration buffer set for application specific Halo pH electrodes
Real-time data
  • Displays pH and temperature updated every second
Basic Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
  • Displays date and time of current calibration along with offset and average slope
Full GLP
  • Displays date and time of current calibration, offset and average slope along with calibrated buffers, mV values, temperature and slopes between each buffer
Fluid, dynamic graphing
  • Measurement can be displayed with tabulated data or as a graph. The graph axes may be expanded using pinch-to-zoom technology for enhanced viewing
Measurement alarms
  • Alerts you if the measurement threshold is exceeded
One button sample tagging
  • Pressing either the icon in the Hanna Lab App or button on the HALO will tag sample data for easy reference
Data logging with custom annotations
  • Saved log files may be annotated with measurement  specific  information
  • Data is autosaved every hour
Four ways to save and share data:
  • All data since last autosave
  • Annotations only
  • All data within a timed interval
  • Annotations only within a timed interval
Share data via email in CSV format

Help and tutorials:
  • Demo mode to help explore features of the Hanna Lab App
  • General app information
  • General HALO information
  • pH tutorial
  • Maintenance tutorial
  • Contact information

Manufacturer : Hanna Instruments

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Halo Wireless pH Meters
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Cat.#ApplicationBody/Electrode TypeMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
638-100-02General UseRefillable glass body, spherical glass sensing bulbHI 11312$283.50 EA  
Ships within one week
638-100-04Vials and test tubesTapered glass body, spheric glass sensing bulb made with low temperature glassHI 13302$411.60 EA  
Ships within one week
638-100-06SoilTriple ceramic junction in the outer reference cell, built-in temperature sensor, conic pH sensing tipHI 12922$309.75 EA  
Ships within one week
638-100-08BeerDurable titanium body, high temperature glass sensor, extendable cloth type junction for renewable electrode lifeFC 2142$325.50 EA  
Ships within one week
638-100-10WaterGlass body, spherical tip, built-in temperature sensorHI 11102$257.25 EA  
Ships within one week
638-100-12WineGlass body, spherical tip, Clogging Prevention System that resists clogging 20x longerHI 10482$325.50 EA  
Ships within one week
638-100-14Flat SurfacesFlat tipped glass sensor, open junctionHI 14142$309.75 EA  
Ships within one week
638-100-16FoodcarePVDF body, conical tip, open junctionFC 2022$283.50 EA  
Ships within one week
638-100-18FieldDurable PEI body, spherical sensing bulbHI 12302$226.80 EA  
Ships within one week


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Halo Wireless pH Meters

Halo Wireless pH Meters
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