Transfer Pipets

Globe offers an extensive line of plastic transfer pipets for liquid handling.

  • Made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Disposable, single use to avoid cross contamination
  • Non-toxic, chemically inert
  • Can be heat sealed to use for liquid storage or transport
  • Can be frozen in liquid nitrogen
    • Temperature range -50ºC to 90ºC
  • Can be gas (EtO) sterilized
  • Non-sterile pipets are packaged in dispenser boxes with a hinged front panel that opens + closes
    • 500 pipets per box
  • Sterile pipets are packaged in sealed clear bags
    • 20 pipets per bag


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Manufacturer : Globe Scientific

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Cat.#Capacity (ml)StyleSterilityMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
682-530-021.3Fine tipNon-sterile134010$472.47 CS / 4000  
Ordered upon request
682-530-045.8Fine, extended tipNon-sterile134060$1,053.83 CS / 5000  
Ordered upon request
682-530-065.8Fine tipSterile134050-S20$155.41 CS / 400  
Ordered upon request
682-530-088.7Fine tipSterile134090-S20$146.18 CS / 400  
Ordered upon request
682-530-101.5Graduated to 0.3 mlNon-sterile136036$550.47 CS / 5000  
Ordered upon request
682-530-121.5Graduated to 0.3 mlSterile136036-S20$98.04 CS / 500  
Ordered upon request
682-530-145.0Graduated to 1.0 mlNon-sterile137030$589.71 CS / 5000  
Ordered upon request
682-530-165.0Graduated to 1.0 mlSterile137010-S20$82.73 CS / 400  
Ordered upon request
682-530-187.0Graduated to 3.0 mlNon-sterile135030$589.71 CS / 5000  
Ordered upon request
682-530-207.0Graduated to 3.0 mlSterile135238$105.33 CS / 400  
Ordered upon request

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