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PhotoDoc-It 50 Imaging System616-200.4
analytik jena
• High resolution (7.1 megapixel) digital color camera, 4X optical zoom lens
• Lightweight, durable hood enclosure provides a compact darkroom environment
• UV transilluminator delivers back-lit UV; select from several models
• Color printer generates instant 4” x 6” low cost color prints
• Combination lock with 2-foot cable for securing the camera to the hood
• 50 mm square ethidium bromide filter for fluorescent stained gels

Capture brilliant color images with the high resolution digital camera. The Ethidium Bromide emission filter, positioned inside the hood, is easily interchangeable for other filter types. Save images to the CompactFlash memory card or instantly print images. CSA Approved.

Select from several Benchtop UV transilluminators:
M-20: 302 nm UV, 20x20 cm filter
LM-20: 302/365 nm UV, 20x20 cm filter
M-26: 302 nm UV, 21x26 cm filter
LM-26: 302/365 nm UV, 21x26 cm filter
Other models also available.

PhotoDoc-It 50 system includes Digital Camera, cables, hood, Ethidium Bromide filter, UV transilluminator, color printer with paper and ink kit. Optional software is available to download images to a PC for analysis, measuring and generating reports.