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COD Vial Kits960-539.0
Chemetrics Inc.

The determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) is widely used in municipal and industrial laboratories to measure the overall level of organic contamination in wastewater.

  • Tubes compatible with most spectrophotometers and thermoreactors on the market, such as Hach and Beckman
    • All COD Kits require the use of a Digestor Block and the V-2000 Photometer, a COD Photometer, or a spectrophotometer capable of accepting a 16 mm round cell.  Instruments sold separately.
  • An economical alternative to Hach COD vials. Equivalent to Hach vials in chemistry and fully compatible with Hach instrumentation.
  • Pre-dosed vials minimize waste and reduce test preparation time.
  • No time-consuming reagent prep procedure or glassware cleaning.
  • Reagents developed under the official dichromate method.
  • Vial diameter is 16 mm and contains 3 ml of pre-dosed reagent.
  • The products using the USEPA-approved method contain mercuric sulfate in the reagent to eliminate chloride interferences. The more readily disposable mercury-free product line is applicable when chloride interference is not a concern.