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Flexible sealing film comprising a proprietary blend of waxes and polyolefins on a paper release liner


Parafilm® M is highly insensitive to water, moisture loss and moisture absorption, yet is permeable to oxygen and carbon dioxide. Parafilm® M stretches more than 350% of its original length and is self- sealing, allowing it to cling around irregular shapes and surfaces. These unique properties make it ideal for protecting the contents of test tubes, flasks, beakers, and Petri dishes as well as an overwrap to further secure stoppers, lids and caps.

Flexible, waterproof, thermoplastic sheets are rolled and interwound with paper to stop adhering. Has almost no colour, is tasteless, odourless, and semi-transparent. Comes in about 0.005" thickness. Will seal firmly and rapidly to itself, covering culture tube or flask mouths in the bacteriological laboratory. Exceptional sealing for a Petri dish. Resistance to alcohol, air, other gases, moderately concentrated alkalies, and common acids is excellent. Stretches 200% at 70°F, and returns partially to its original size. At 180° to 200°F the Parafilm softens to form an adhesive bond between leathers, papers, cloths, etc. For easy cutting and measuring, the interleaving tissue is calibrated in 2" squares