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Titrets Handheld Titration Test Kits960-537.0
Chemetrics Inc.

Titrets hand-held self-filling reagent ampules make it easy to to perform quick and accurate titrations of water samples.

To perform a test, the water sample is drawn into the ampule through a flexible valve assembly using the Titrettor device. When drawn in, the sample is mixed with the vacuum sealed liquid titrant inside, until a colour change signals (from blue to pink) that the end point has been reached. The analyte’s concentration is directly read from a scale marked on the ampule. Test kits contain 30 ampules (Cat.# 960-537-16 only contains 10), 30 valve assemblies, accessory solutions (when necessary), sample cup, Titrettor and instructions.

Click here to watch a video on how to perform a test!