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Tuttnauer Electronic Benchtop Autoclave 797-012.0

Designed to autoclave wrapped, unwrapped, glass and tools. Not suitable for liquids.


  • Self contained design eliminates external plumbing and handwiring for easy installation
  • 6 Chamber sizes to choose from
  • Digital display continuously shows you temperature, pressure and running time
  • Four fully adjustable, single button programs make these sterilizer easy to use and ensure reproducible results
  • 60 minute cycle timer
  • Temperature selection from 105 °C to 137 °C (221 °F - 279 °F)
  • ASME stamped, 316L stainless steel chamber ensures long lasting reliability, durability, and high corrosion resistance
  • Closed door drying system maintains sterility
  • Automatic shut off feature saves energy
  • Heat insulated, double locking door protects against accidental burns, the door cannot be opened while the chamber is under pressure
  • Low water alarm sounds when reservoir needs to be refilled
  • Standby heating keeps chamber warm for quicker cycles
  • CSA approved

Please note that only EP models have an internal printer; please see descriptions below.