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Vacu-vials Instrumental Test Kits960-536.2
Chemetrics Inc.

The sampling method is the same as the CHEMets visual test method, but rather than comparing results visually, the user places the filled ampoule in the cell holder of an instrument set to a wavelength for optimal absorbance. The Vacu-vial ampoules are 13 mm in diameter with a tapered, pre-scored tip; colour forming reagents are vacuum-sealed inside. If you use an instrument that reads absorbance, the absorbance value can be converted to concentration units with the supplied calibration chart. Direct-reading instruments are also available. Vacu-vials Kits include 30 ampoules, a calibration chart, a zero standard, accessory solution(s) (when necessary), a sample cup, and instructions. 

This kit requires the use of the V-2000 or V-3000 Photometer, a SAM Photometer or a spectrophotometer capable of accepting a 13 mm diameter round cell. Instrument sold separately.

Click here to watch a video on how to perform a test!