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Whirl-Pak Bags for Stomacher Lab Blenders805-840.1
Whirl-Pak(Nasco Canada)
  • These sterile Whirl-Pak bags are designed especially for use with homogenizer lab blenders
  • Standard bags are sealed at the top to maintain sterility and have a perforated top for easy opening
  • Stand-up bags makes sample handling and testing much easier because it gives users the ability to perform important laboratory functions with both hands
  • Plain bags are designed for quick testing and disposal with a perforated top for easy opening
  • Round bottom bags prevent sample fragments from getting caught in the corners of the bag
  • Filter bags contain a filter layer to ensure the diluent is free of sample debris
  • Vertical filter bags separate solids for easy pipetting of the liquid sample
    • Some contain a side seal, to allow pouring liquid out without also emptying the solids
  • Some bags have a convenient write-on strip for easy sample identification
  • Bags with a closure have wire closure strips at the top for convenience in storage and incubation