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CHEMets Visual Test Kits960-535.0
Chemetrics Inc.

CHEMets visual test kits are comprised of self-filling ampules for visual colorimetric analysis (low to medium range). Designed for simplicity and accuracy, CHEMets water analysis kits employ stable reagents vacuum sealed in self-filling ampules. Test procedures are fast, easy, and accurate.

To perform a test, an ampule is immersed in the sample, and the tip snapped. The correct volume of sample is drawn up by the ampule, and mixed with the reagent inside. The resulting colour is compared to the appropriate color standards (comparator is provided) to quantify the results. Test kits contain ampules, comparator(s), accessory solutions (when necessary), snap cup and instructions. Refill packs of ampules and accessory solutions are available.

Click here to watch a video on how to perform a test!

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