Plastic Transfer Pipets

These all-in-one pipets eliminate the hazard of broken glass and exposure to infectious materials. Put an end to matching rubber bulbs with glass pipets. Molded from see-through low density polyethylene. Inert to biological fluids and most acids. Can be sealed and refrigerated. They work well whenever there is a need for quick, safe transfer of fluids. Temperature resistant down to -196 °C. Can be gas (EtO) sterilized.

  • Will not shatter
  • Can be used in liquid nitrogen
  • Non toxic and inert
  • No bulb to insert or remove
  • Uniform drop size

Narrow Stem Pipets: Ideal for sedimentation procedures. Can be used to access narrow openings and small diameter tubes without the risk of breakage (i.e. quartz micro cuvettes, wintrobe tubes). 

Graduated Pipets: Appropriate for approximate volume measurements requiring ±10%. Clearly marked graduation lines provide easy identification.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we currently can only accept orders for these transfer pipets if we have them in stock. Products that say "Ships From Stock" in the Estimated Availability column are stocked in our Ottawa warehouse.

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Manufacturer : Simport Scientific

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Transfer Pipets
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Cat.#DescriptionCapacity (ml)Length (cm)Bulb Draw (ml)Qty. per BagMfg.#PriceQuantityEstimated Availability
681-300-02Non-graduated, non-sterile1.78.70.8BulkP200-20$33.06 PK / 500  
$330.65 CS / 5000  
In Stock
681-300-04Graduated, non-sterile515.51.9BulkP200-56$34.53 PK / 500  
$345.26 CS / 5000  
In Stock
681-300-08Non-graduated, non-sterile622.52.3BulkP200-60$37.31 PK / 500  
$373.07 CS / 5000  
In Stock
681-500-02Graduated, non-sterile1.511.40.9BulkP200-14$32.64 PK / 500  
$326.36 CS / 5000  
In Stock
681-500-04Graduated, non-sterile5153.1BulkP200-52$35.45 PK / 500  
$354.54 CS / 5000  
In Stock
681-500-06Graduated, non-sterile515.61.8BulkP200-58$34.48 PK / 500  
$344.84 CS / 5000  
In Stock
681-500-08Graduated, non-sterile715.53.2BulkP200-72$35.45 PK / 500  
$354.54 CS / 5000  
On order with manufacturer
681-700-00Narrow stem, non-graduated, non-sterile$32.44 PK / 500  
$324.37 CS / 5000  
In Stock
681-700-04Narrow stem, non-graduated, non-sterile$35.45 PK / 500  
$354.54 CS / 5000  
In Stock
682-200-04Graduated, sterile515.51.920P200-5620S$75.34 PK / 400  
$753.42 CS / 4000  
Ordered upon request
682-200-06Graduated, sterile715.53.2 1P200-721S$68.49 PK / 400  
$456.16 CS / 4000  
Ordered upon request
682-200-08Graduated, sterile715.53.220P200-7220S$41.47 PK / 400  
$524.64 CS / 4000  
Ordered upon request
682-200-12Non-graduated, sterile622.52.320P200-6020S$47.69 PK / 400  
$753.94 CS / 4000  
Ordered upon request
682-400-02Graduated, sterile5153.1 1P200-521S$75.39 PK / 400  
$753.94 CS / 4000  
In Stock
682-400-04Graduated, sterile5153.120P200-5220S$35.48 PK / 400  
$354.90 CS / 4000  
Ordered upon request


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