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Canadawide Scientific: CHEMetrics Test Kits

Understanding the formidable challenges faced by food and beverage manufacturers in Canada and worldwide, we acknowledge the compounding issues of inflation, labor shortages, and the critical need for precise water analysis. Meeting strict regulatory standards and improving water efficiency are pivotal for delivering sustainable products and processes to communities and customers. The future mandate extends beyond increased water reuse to achieving net zero and even net positive effluent.

Our commitment to overcoming these challenges is centered on minimizing waste in the manufacturing process. To accomplish this, we offer reliable and rapid results through simplified testing procedures, reducing operator errors in water analysis. Our solutions play a crucial role in optimizing processes, ensuring adherence to quality control/quality assurance standards, and meeting regulatory compliance.

Partnering with us Canadawide Scientific, CHEMetrics' analysis solutions are deeply embedded in the food and beverage industry, covering production, aseptic/ESL packaging, sanitizing processes, and wastewater management. Our test kits are trusted in bottled water plants, breweries, and carbonated beverage facilities worldwide, providing comprehensive analysis of key parameters. In production water, our kits assess disinfectant residuals and validate the effectiveness of sterilization solutions. Globally approved by a major bottler, our indigo ozone method monitors trace ozone levels in bottled water plants. Moreover, our hydrogen peroxide procedures are integral to aseptic packaging and ESL applications. For wastewater monitoring, we offer COD vials with various methods, including USEPA-accepted or Mercury-free options, in collaboration with Canadawide Scientific



Explore Our Range of Water Quality and Safety Testing Solutions


CHEMetrics Oxygen Demand Test Kits: COD and BOD Analysis

Essential for Organic Contamination Assessment in Wastewater

Key Features:

  • Compatible with most spectrophotometers, these pre-dosed vials offer an economical and efficient alternative for COD analysis, reducing preparation time and minimizing waste​​.
  • Applications: Widely used in municipal and industrial laboratories for measuring organic pollution levels.


CHEMetrics Hydrogen Peroxide Test Kits: Ensuring Food and Beverage Safety

The Standard in Aseptic Packaging Sterility Testing

Key Features:

  • Fast and Efficient: Get immediate, on-site test results in under 2 minutes​​.
    Versatile Measurement: From sub ppm to percent levels, our kits cater to a wide range of testing requirements​​.
    Specialized High-Level Kits: For comprehensive testing, our kits can measure up to 20% hydrogen peroxide​​.
    Simplified Testing Options: Our Go-No-Go kits provide quick pass/fail results for efficient quality control​​
  • Cost-effective with long-term stability.
    User-friendly with exceptional accuracy.
    Adaptable for diverse industry applications​​.


VACUettes Visual High Range Kits

Precision in High Concentration Analysis

Key Features:

  • Designed for visual analysis of concentrated samples, these kits include everything needed for 30 tests. They are perfect for situations where precise volume control of samples is necessary​​.
  • Applications: Ideal for environmental monitoring and wastewater analysis where high concentration samples are common.


Multi-Analyte Photometer V-2000

The Ultimate Tool for Diverse Analyte Testing

Key Features:

  • Automated testing of over 50 analytes, with no sample preparation required, and IP67 waterproof design. The simple interface and customizable methods make it versatile and user-friendly​​.
  • Applications: Perfect for testing various water quality parameters in bottled water plants, breweries, and other beverage facilities.


Vacu-vials Instrumental Test Kits

Advanced Instrumental Analysis for Accurate Concentration Measurement

Key Features:

  • Offers a more precise analytical approach compared to visual methods. These kits include 30 ampoules and all necessary accessories for comprehensive testing​​.
  • Applications: Suitable for environments where automated, instrumental analysis is preferred over visual assessment.